My name is Louise Curtin and I am a Postgraduate student attending Mary Immaculate College. I am currently completing a Masters of Education by Research in the Department of Educational Psychology, Inclusive and Special Education under the supervision of Dr Margaret Egan.

I am undertaking research which will form part of my thesis. My study aims to examine the perspectives and experiences of school staff, in Irish primary schools, regarding the New Allocation Model (Department of Education and Skills Circular 0013/2017) in the Context of Practice, i.e., in primary schools.

I am conducting a national survey which will include principals, special educational needs (SEN) coordinators (in the instance where the SEN coordinator is not the school principal), mainstream class teachers and special education teachers (SETs), in a large number of schools, who have been working with and adjusting to the New Allocation Model.

The objective of the study is to give a voice to the key stakeholders in the implementation of government policy in schools in relation to the New Allocation Model. It is anticipated that this study will investigate the practicalities of this new system and unveil how schools are negotiating this change.

Sincere thanks for your participation.

Please gather information about the number of students in your school who receive(d) School Support and/or School Support Plus this year under the New Allocation Model (i.e. 2018/2019) and in previous years under the General Allocation Model and Resource Teaching Hours Process (i.e. 2016/2017) before beginning the survey, as you will need to provide this information throughout.