Dr Trevor O Brien – Dyspraxia: Key characteristics and strategies for the classroom

Dr Margaret Egan – Effective Teaching Strategies to Promote Successful Learning for Students with ASD

Fidelma Brady & Nicola Hart – Supporting Transition from Primary to Post-Primary School for the Child with Down Syndrome

Angela Martin – Using Assessment to Create Purposeful Interventions for Students with educational needs

Dr. Johanna Fitzgerald – ‘A job that doesn’t exist’: Isn’t it time to conceptualise the SENCO role in post-primary schools?

Dr.Mary Nugent & Dr Christine Chapple(NEPS) – Dyslexia or Not?  Assessment and Intervention for Children and Young People with Literacy Difficulties.

Colm Downes – Supporting your student through the DARE and HEAR Process

Muireann Sadlier (NCSE) – Best practice in teaching children who are non-verbal

Damien Quinn – Mobile Technology for SEN Pupils

Dr Stella Long – Diagnostic Assessment in Maths – A Portfolio of Measures for the Special Education Teacher

Dr Patricia Daly – Preventing Challenging Behaviour by Auditing the Learning Environment for Children with Additional Needs

Madeline Hickey & Maree Farrell – The Teaching of Reading and Writing to Children and Young People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Anne Bourke & Mary Byrne – Children’s Disability Services Reform Programme

Dr Pauline Cogan – TEST 2r Training

Jacinta Kitt – The Importance of a Positive School Environment for Effectiveness and Wellbeing

Bernie Kemple & Theresa Woods – Sharing Innovative Ideas: Resources and Strategies for Primary Level

Noel Fox & Joe Flynn – Sharing Innovative Ideas: Resources and Strategies for Second  Level

Fran Doolan & Mary Atkins – Preparing & Updating the Student Support File

Ines Lawlor – ‘Start with Art’ the Development of Handwriting Readiness and Fine Motor Skills